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Empowering our Community, Shaping our FutureAt Broomhill Community Hub Trust, we're more than just a group of residents; we're a community on a mission. Our vision is to transform the Jordanhill Bowling Club site into a vibrant, community-driven hub, preserving the green heart of Broomhill while creating a space that enhances our collective well-being.Who We Are
We are your neighbors, friends, and fellow community members passionate about creating a positive impact. Together, we envision a hub that serves as a beacon of community spirit, a place where connections are forged, and ideas blossom.
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Preserving the Past, Nurturing the Present, and Building the Future. Our mission is to secure community ownership of the Jordanhill Bowling Club's former site, ensuring it remains a thriving space for generations to come.
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Background information

The Jordanhill Bowling Club on Randolph Rd has closed.Though financially healthy, the club had unsustainable numbers of members and was closed in August 2021. The club has dissolved and Trustees are seeking to sell the land.The trustees intend to sell the site in open market. Previous engagement with planning has not been successful, so it is likely any purchaser will do so to bank the site and hope for a planning reversal.Members of our community investigated the possibility for community ownership of this asset. Over spring 2022, we ran a survey of the local community where 25% of the community overwhelmingly responded they supported the concept of a community hub. We believe that the community does not have a focal point to meet, and this club at the heart of Broomhill could be a candidate for such a place.We secured Scottish Land Fund Stage 1 Funding to develop a business plan (our consultants are currently on the case) and obtain a market valuation and building condition survey.We sought to engage in a negotiated sale with the Trustees of the Jordanhill Bowling Club. **Unfortunately the Trustees rejected a fair market valuation of the site. As such we submitted a community right to buy application on the site in September 2023. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful in our application to government. In their decision letter the Scottish Government agree we have a viable plan for the site, but they feel that our capacity constraints in submitting the late application were not valid to overcome a late application on the site. They also rejected our view that to apply at an earlier stage this would antagonise our negotiations with the Bowling club. Soon we will call for a meeting of the BCHT to dicuss our next steps.

Who are we?
We are a group of passionate individuals who are working towards the community ownership of the former site of the Jordanhill Bowling Club in Broomhill, Glasgow. Our aim is to preserve this recreational space for the community and ensure its accessibility for future generations and through this help us reimagine Broomhill. We originated out of a subgroup of Broomhill Community Council.
You can read more background browsing the archive of newsletter updates.This video highlights some of the the backstory.

These slides also give an overview of the project:

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If you have any questions about Community Land Ownership check out our FAQ, or please send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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