Survey Results 📈

🙌 Thanks to everyone who completed the survey. A total of 349 local residents took part and shared their vision for the space - a truly incredible response.Feedback from this survey was shared with the community on 13th of July at 19:00 at the Broomhill Community Church on Norby Road. You can see a video of the presentation shared below.

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Background information

The Jordanhill Bowling Club on Randolph Rd has closed.Though financially healthy, the club had unsustainable numbers of members and was closed in August 2021. The club has dissolved and Trustees are seeking to sell the land.We have been made aware that their intention is to seek a planning application to convert the land use into residential housing.Members of our community are investigating the possibility for community ownership of this asset. We believe that the community does not have a focal point to meet, and this club at the heart of Broomhill could be a candidate for such a place.

Who are we?
We are a group of local residents asking you to help us reimagine Broomhill, we originated out of a subgroup of Broomhill Community Council.
You can read more by browsing the archive of newsletter updates.This video highlights the situation and what we're doing right now:

These slides also give an overview of the project:

Get in touch

If you have any questions, can offer any support or would like to get involved, please send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


With the survey complete, we move to the next stage of the process and look to find a consensus on a community vision for the space. Please join us on13th of July at 19:00 at the Broomhill Community Church on Norby Road to hear feedback from the survey.There will be new activities for volunteers in the coming weeks and months so watch this space, or sign up to the newsletter, to be the first to hear more.And if you have any offers of support or questions, please get in touch via the contact form.

Take action

Phase 1 of the campaign has ended and we have collected nearly 350 survey responses. Feedback from this survey will be shared on 13th of July at 19:00 at the Broomhill Community Church on Norby Road.More actions will follow, but in the mean time it's important to keep people thinking about the opportunities this space presents.Speak to your neighbours 🏡
Make sure your neighbours know about the campaign and have signed up to the newsletter if they’re interested.
Reach out to other local networks 💬
Got a street WhatsApp group? Got children at Broomhill Primary? Member of a local group? Work in a local business? Reach out and make sure everybody knows about the project (and is signed up to the newsletter).
Use social media 📱
Post your thoughts on the campaign on social media, and leave comments and support on other people’s posts. This will help reach a large audience, keep the subject fresh in people’s minds and show the wider community that this is something lots of people are interested in. Facebook, Twitter and NextDoor are all key networks (but there are others of course!)
News media 📰
Comment on, and share, any news coverage about the campaign. There are links below, and updates will be shared through the newsletter.
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